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Weine Tourismus
Weine Tourismus
Wein Tourismus
History, tradition, culture, savour, aromas, in one word: QUALITY.
All these can be discovered and lived at Cramele Recas , in a programme which includes a visit of the vineyards, situated on the sunny hills, and tasting sessions offered in the depth of the 50 year old cellars.
White, red and rosé wines of high quality awarded with diplomas and medals at national and international contests can be tasted and served in a special ambiance, together with family, friends and business partners.

Our qualified staff will guide your choice in our wine and accessories stores . Here you will discover or rediscover the types of wines that our company produces and bottles, the same types of wine that you can find in more than 25 contries: USA, Canada, Italy, France, Japan, Koreea, Germany, Austria, UK, Sweden, Malaysia.
The visiting programme includes:
1.A visit of the vineyard and the presentation of viticulture technology;
2.A visit in the winery completed with the presentation of technology;
3.A visit at the cellars – a presentation of the wine enobling process in barriques, the conservation of bottled wines in the vinoteque and the presentation of the bottled wine exhibition;
4.Wine tasting and the art of tasting.

We propose the next tasting categories:
•Tasting 7 wine samples
•Tasting 7 wine samples + traditional menu ( gulas )
•Tasting 7 wine samples + traditional menu ( gulas ) + pork steak, grilled chicken, potatoes, salad or pickles;
Coffee, (mineral or flat water), dessert
For the last two categories of tasting, the price includes the wine served.
At your request we can offer you different kind of menus.
For further information, please contact Mr. Marius Pasca:
Tel: +40.(0)256.330.296
fax: +40.(0)256.330.241